When winter in Toronto continues well into May, the thought of summer seems pretty damn great. However, I like to think of summer as that guy, you know the one who you love the idea of, but when you’re face deep in the relationship you realize just how much you want out. Sure, summer seems great in February when you can’t leave the house without your muscles aching from the flexing it takes to crouch into that Gollum-like position to protect yourself from the icy wind. However, when it finally arrives in its humid, sun stroke-inducing, 30 degree + glory, all you can do is wish for slightly cooler temperatures.

Personally, no matter the season, I’m more of a layers girl. There’s something about a duster coat or denim jacket that makes things exponentially cooler, which poses quite a problem for me during peak summer days. Thankfully, we’re still at the point where the weather here in Toronto fluctuates between heat waves, and more pleasant 20 degree weather. But honestly, I end up wearing layers even on the days that it’s excruciatingly hot outside, resulting in mild heat strokes, but you know, what is fashion without sacrifices?

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