photography by Caroline Cohenour

If I’ve learned anything about dressing during my capsule wardrobe experimentation, it’s that well-loved essentials are imperative. (Just ask me about my favorite v-neck tee. I own, um, a lot.) When you have quality items that make you look and feel great, the (frequent) moments of blindly staring into the abyss of your closet suddenly vanish. Although I’m not officially wearing a summer capsule, my practice of fewer, yet better things has stuck like glue.

A solid guideline is to own lovely, simple garments that you can wear in almost any situation. For me, that means clean lines and solid colors, as I personally use accessories like scarves and jewelry to spice up an outfit.

Take Marie Hell dresses, for example. Oh, they are so lovely. The fit is fantastic – every style has the exact same silhouette from the armhole down, and will not stretch, sag, or lose its shape. Neither straight or A-line, nor clingy or dowdy…the fit is sooooo good.

The TIED and CRAVE dresses are absolutely timeless – I simply can’t imagine a style era in which a delicate halter or crew neckline wouldn’t be well loved. However, the best part about these dresses isn’t just the shape…the fabric is divine. Heavy enough to drape the body beautifully, yet perfect for all seasons. The styling possibilities are countless!

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