I’ve mentioned time and time again the benefits of having a go-to LWD or LBD. I’m excited to show you guys today how I styled this classic white dress by Marie Hell! If you’ve never heard of Marie Hell, they make classic pieces that are almost like the skeleton of your wardrobe and they fit perfect. Here I am wearing the Emerge tunic and decided to make it a little bit fall and wear some of my first plaid of the season!

The collar worn over this is from Deandri and is so perfect over this dress! I tied in the red a bit more by wearing these bright red flats and then a quirky black little bag! A cute look for so many occasions! On this day, Danny and I were just going to grab a slice of pizza at our favorite pizza place, Vinnie’s and then head over to a friends.

We’re finally getting bits of fall crisp air here in NYC and it’s making me exciiiited!


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