Really- I’ve never met an LBD I didn’t like, but this one made by sustainable fashion* brand Marie Hell– let me tell you about this one. First off, in the first month of receiving it, I’ve worn it a number of times, a number of different ways. Second, it is made in the USA- exclusively, right down to the hangtags. Now that is something to get excited about!

This dress is made from a fabric consisting of natural fibers (wood pulp actually), milled in California, using the Bluesign-certified fabric dyeing process, and the manufacturing is done in New York City, where production is closely monitored. Designed to last a lifetime- Marie Hell follows the highest quality standards, in the truest sense.

I can even attest this material does not cling to you, which makes for an ultra flattering silhouette (no awkward bulges or creases), and lastly- OMG- it does.not.wrinkle. Can I get an AMEN to that one! And not because it’s loaded up with super toxic wrinkle-free chemicals. This fabric here- pretty much au natural. Yes, living proof that there is a way to do it without intoxicating the water, land, air, and the people making their clothes!

Also exciting- the versatility of this dress, which gives you endless styling options, and ultimately makes your life a whole lot easier. It’s almost like having a dozen different dresses hanging in your closet (without all that mess!!!). It is truly a foundational piece- a wardrobe essential- from which to build your wardrobe around.

When pulling looks for this post I had11 pairs of shoes picked out- everything from boots, to flats, sandals, and wedges- that I could have paired this dress with. And each look would’ve transformed the dress into an entirely different thing. It was mind boggling to choose just a few looks to include in this post. But that is what I really want to stress here.

The versatility. This is the type of dress to invest in- that you will wear hundreds of different ways, for years to come- and that will last.

So I chose a ‘day’ and a ‘night’ look.

The day look includes the open toe wedges paired with super fun jewelry from a local brand I collaborated with (more to come on them later). I thought these shoes paired with these accessories gave it a kinda boho/ rocker-ish look.

The night look includes booties, a faux fur vest, simpler jewelry (by the same local designer) and a vintage hat. Voilá! A whole new look- a whole new dress.
See how changing the slightest things- accessories, shoes, etc. can transform this one staple dress into hundreds of different looks to be worn in different facets of your life for many years to come.

I practically live for this stuff! It makes getting dressed so fun- and so much easier.

“Sustainable Fashion/Slow Fashion consciousness is on the rise, and we are excited to be a part of it. Educating the customers to purchase sustainable products is the key to preserving a healthy planet.  Advocating and promoting the importance of investing in quality, not quantity, is the mission. Like all movements, it takes word of mouth and grassroots work to evoke change.” Marie Hell

Every item designed by Marie Hell is intended to be timeless, tran-seasonal, with the intention of minimising waste and maximising utility.

Shown here:
dress: Marie Hell
daytime shoes: Macy’s
jewelry: April May
booties: Nordstrom
faux fur vest: Sola Lucy
vintage hat: Arcs Value Village


In closing, a few things I can’t stop screaming from the rooftops about Marie Hell…

1. I can (& will) wear this over & over again.
2. It goes with [90%] everything I already own.
3. It will get me out of the house in no time at all.
4. Made of a high-quality natural material that will last.
5. Can go from day -to-night.
6. This brand- where do I start- is all about sustainable fashion & enhancing women’s confidence by wearing something beautiful and timeless.

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