Is minimalist fashion your thing?
It definitely is the foundation of my personal taste in style, so I was elated when Marie Hell contacted me for a chance to feature one of their beautiful dresses!
Marie Hell is a clothing company that has fresh and elegant designs that center around a minimal and simplistic yet edgy style, and I feel that every single one of their dresses would be considered timeless and classy. It's not very often you find a company dedicated to a certain style!
Since so many of their dresses fit my own aesthetic, I really had a hard time deciding on which dress to choose, but in the end, I chose a very simplistic yet classy silhouette for the sole purpose of what minimalism is supposed to be - the essentials. I have so many different styles of black dresses already in my closet, so I knew that I wanted to gravitate away from that color for the time being and choose something else... not that my next choice of color was all that much more exciting, I definitely needed the perfect little white dress to add to my closet, and so that's what I found.
The dress I chose came in two different lengths, a full length dress that reaches 39" or a tunic length that reached 32". Initially, I thought for sure that I wanted the full dress length, but the reality is, I'm only 5"3, and so after testing where the 39" would fall on my short frame (which measured below my knees) I decided that the length probably wouldn't be as flattering on me as the shorter tunic length would.
When the dress arrived, it came in a cute silver metallic shipping bag, and the dress was packaged nicely. I'm a person that does pay attention to those details. I feel like I can always appreciate a product more when a company appreciates their own product enough to package it with care.
What I really like about this dress is that it is just plain white, with a modest neckline and dropped sleeves. I am a total sucker for dropped sleeves. There are no other outstanding details on it, and so I feel that it just makes this basic piece so perfect. I can wear it in warmer weather with just a cute pair of sandals and a bag, or I can layer it up in the winter with a warmer coat and boots. A piece you can wear year round is what makes it so valuable and versatile.
So, what about the fabric? I know you are probably wondering if it's slightly see through as most white dresses tend to be, but I was absolutely blown away at how thick, yet soft and comfortable this white dress is! Even with a pink sports bra under it (because that's what I had on when I tried it on for the first time, haha) the white was SOLID. I could not see color peeking through. That is a huge plus! Their light colored dresses are made from a ponte jersey, which is a much thicker material. It did however, cause the dress to run a smaller size, but sizing up is hardly a big deal when you don't have to worry about wearing nude colors underneath a white ensemble! I appreciate the fact that Marie Hell added that to their description as it notifies the buyer of the possible differences in size. So many companies don't do that! The fit of the dress is relaxed but still flattering, and the fabric has great stretch to it. The seams were also done well. The quality of the seams are always a good indicator of the quality of the garment.
To style this dress, I chose to pair it with a simple faux leather moto jacket and some silver metallic kitten heeled booties to really give it some flair. I really do love edgy pieces! Moto Jackets never go out of style, and metallics are so in right now, so I felt that dressing up this beautiful basic dress that way really brought it into current trends, while keeping it minimal with clean lines.
Marie Hell offers many more beautiful designs on their website, with some of my other favorites coming from their color blocking collection. If you really want a plain dress with some added sass, their dresses with zippers are also gorgeous. They also did a beautiful collaboration with FARFAN that has one-of-a-kind artwork on their dresses.
One big thing I would also like to point out about Marie Hell is the fact that their dresses are made in the USA, and that the company believes in ethical manufacturing, and using biodegradable fibers. While I am guilty at shopping at places such as H&M that's sourcing is often unknown, I think that it is really cool to have companies like Marie Hell that are at the forefront of sustainability when it comes to fashion.
Thank you, Marie Hell for the opportunity to collaborate with you, and the beautiful dress! I feel that there will be limitless ways that I can style this beautiful minimal dress!

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