As a personal stylist, I always tell my clients to invest in pieces that are versatile, meaning you can style them several different ways.  As a guideline, when you find a piece that you love, figure out if you can style it in at least three completely different ways.  If so, then that piece is probably worth adding to your wardrobe.  If not, move on.  I think we have all made the mistake of buying a piece we are head over heels for, but doesn’t work with our current wardrobe and/or lifestyle and ends up just sitting in the closet.  Being a major lover of fashion, I have done this way too many times than I care to admit.  Having learned my lesson, my wardrobe now almost solely consists of really awesome basics (not including shoes or handbags – I like to jazz up the basics with killer accessories!).  Everything mixes and matches easily, which makes getting dressed a breeze!

I have been somewhat obsessed with the off the shoulder trend and have been on the hunt for both a top and a dress in this shoulder baring style.  When I saw this Marie Hell tunic/dress I was so excited because I knew it could perform double duty!  I can wear it as a top, like I am in today’s look or as a short dress.   I’ve already worn it long (as a dress) and teamed it with a pair of super long flared jeans.  This pairing made for a really cool look because of the silhouette they created together.   I am also planning to wear it as a dress with gladiator flats this summer.   The great thing about pieces that you can wear/style in so many different ways is that it can eliminate the need for more items and thus saving money.

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