This is going to be my dress of the summer. My I’m just working at home, but it’s 35ºC out and I don’t have air conditioning dress. My sangria in the backyard dress.

Shortly after I shared my Slow Fashion Guide to Day Dresses, one of my recommended companies Marie Hell asked if I’d like to give their made-in-the-USA dresses a try. Ummmm YES. I opted for the Quiver Tunic. I thought I would like the dress, but I was unprepared for how head-over-heels in love with it I would be. Like seriously folks.

For one thing, I love the fit. I usually stay away from anything that just hangs off the boobs, so I expected I’d be belting this. But no. It gloriously follows my shape while still somehow being free-floating. I don’t know how. I’m not a fabric scientist.

I’m actually wearing the dress backwards. The V is slightly deeper in the (supposed-to-be) back, which I think happens to look better on my front. Yay for versatility! I also wore it once as jumper over a button down plaid shirt and thought I looked fabulous.  It’s going to be so easy for me to wear this dress 30 times.

The dress kinda reminds me of a tennis dress, and I have a longstanding long distance love affair with tennis dresses. (Long distance because I don’t think it’s appropriate for someone who barely plays tennis to own a tennis dress.) Maybe it’s the short-ish length, or maybe the stretchy knit fabric. And the dress also makes me feel like a ’60s mod girl (less defined waist, mini length — though mod girls went way shorter than this!), so basically I get to feel like so many cool things and yet be incredibly comfortable at the same time. I’d call that a win!

P.S. In case it isn’t clear, this dress was gifted to me by Marie Hell. But trust me, all that gushing is 100% my own.


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