It is confirmed: fall is here. And not the Stepmom Autumnal experience we all wish to have. Damn you, Julia. In the South, it's gone from humid and unusually warm (blame it on Global Warming if you will but then you are actually blaming yourself and I don't know who is ready to take responsibility for that) to bitterly cold in the morning and hot during the afternoon, to a monsoon all in the same month. I'm not pleased to admit I had to resort to jean shorts and a hoodie two days out of this week. Disastrous. 

Enter Marie Hell. Effortless. Luxurious. Modern. These adjectives directly describe the brand's pieces, which can all be worn in a variety of ways. I felt it spoke to my blog's concept of discovering and finding sartorial freedom. The dress I chose, the Peek Dress, can be worn with leather booties or a suede jacket or even hemmed, frayed jeans underneath. The possibilities are endless and that's what makes a staple wardrobe piece; one that can withstand a trend.

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