You guys, I went for it.  Went for what you ask?  A WHITE DRESS.  My goodness, the anxiety that normally comes with a white dress… Can you see through it?  Is my underwear line visible? What about in this light?  How about that light?  What if I turn this way and stick my butt out a little bit?  (I seriously do this when determining the sheerness of a fabric I am wearing.  My boyfriend gets a kick out of it every time.)

When I first read that the fabric used to make this dress was opaque, my first thought was “Mmmmhmmmm. In your dreams.”  But, against my better judgement, I went for it anyway.  I mean is there a more quintessentially summer piece than a white halter dress?  I’m here to tell you folks, there is not.  You know that though, right?  So there I was when the package came, waiting to see right through this dress as I put it on, just to be pleasantly proven wrong by the geniuses over at Marie Hell.  Can you imagine?  A white dress that you can’t see right through?  Impossible!  Can you see through this dress though?  No my friends, you cannot.   So here I am, going about my lovely business in my opaque white dress!  I wanted to add a little color (always), so went for this pink hat almost immediately.  Black band around pink hat?  Well that calls for black boots I think!   Black boots?  I think that means black purse!   Oh.  Nope.   A black bag was just not vibin’, which sometimes happens in the wild...

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