I've gotten crazy about this with Capsule Wardrobe, that's the famous capsule wardrobe. I dream of owning durable and equally produced garments that last over time, have that little extra without getting out of date after a season. That with modern and outdated will by the way be out of my vocabulary. Now we are talking timeless clothes at least! I want to save up to garments that I really want to really invest in. So the process is running you can say. You have, among other things, seen my sustainable purchases from Thrive recently and now this treat has moved into the closet. It's such a simple dress that you almost do not notice it. It does not really matter, but it is also what makes the dress so special! Timeless model - check. Comfortable to wear - check. Easy to control - check.

MARIE HELL is a brand that has all its production in the United States, ranging from the tags to the fabrics themselves, so that they can ensure that production is transparent and under fair working conditions. The purpose of MH is that the garments are the pillars of the wardrobe, some of the garments that give the wardrobe a "new life". They are simple enough to handle anything but also classy and sophisticated enough to wear by themselves. Here you can add garments, run stock in stock, or simply scale off. Marie Hell only uses natural fabrics that are poison-free and biodegradable which, of course, is better for the environment and better for the workers. In addition, the garment keeps its shape better over time and does not extend. The main disadvantage is that the natural fabrics cost more than synthetic fabrics but as I usually think. More expensive garments = less consumption = better for the environment. And if you invest in garments that are incredibly durable and manage season by season, it's only win-win. It's such a clever concept. Simple, of course, and yes ... smart. The dress I chose looks a bit like a night linen for itself. It's incredibly nice and would not it be SO expensive I would definitely have got one more to have that nightlinen haha. The fabric is thick and sturdy and I know how it is a fabric that will last for a long time. I can wear it in a very minimalist way, but I also like to run stock in stock, for example, throwing a t-shirt over. The feeling turns into a skirt and I like it. In the fall / winter I will steer it with a pair of leggings / tights and shirt. The dress turns into a long line. Suddenly I have a garment that has multiple uses. Best of all! Everything can be ordered on the website and it is freight free worldwide. Delivery time is approximately 1 week. The only downside is that they do not offer international exchange rights. So that's something to think about! The sizes were "true to size" and I wear size small for you who wonder. I think this interview with Marie Hell is amazing and encourages everyone to read it if you are curious about the brand, the production, the fabrics and the vision of the brand.

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